Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OLYMPIC CEREMONY DATABASE: Every Summer and Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games may be the largest art form in the modern world and certainly one of the rarest.  I provided all the Summer Olympic ceremonies in a countdown to London 2012, and now I am providing all of the Winter Olympic ceremonies in a countdown to Sochi 2014!


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These postings are dedicated to the artistic development of the opening ceremony including visual arts, music, and other aspects of one of the rarest and largest art forms on earth.  Of course, the first ceremonies were not as elaborate as the most recent ones, but you will be able to watch the development.  Here is what you have to look forward to:
  • Video of EVERY Official Opening Ceremony (the complete ceremony if possible)
  • The official ceremony reports - took me MANY hours to compile - with hundreds of pictures!
  • Photos of the official aspects of the games (medals, torch, poster, etc.)
  • Most importantly - info, records, and highlights of the artistic development of the opening ceremony

Keep in mind, that this may be the largest comprehensive online collection studying the Olympic opening ceremony art and how it has evolved since 1896 - it's completely free for everyone and will contain one of the world's largest online collections of Opening Ceremony video.  If you have any video to contribute, please contact me!

I hope that my years of collecting and researching video and other information will be helpful in the future study of this art form, as it is one of the most significant art forms in the modern world.

This collection of information and video are in many cases very rare and in some cases, the first digitized production available online.  Each film attempts to recreate the ceremony in its entirety with the exception of the Parade of Nations (for obvious time reasons).  Special posts and information on the ceremonies will also be available for the 1906 Intercalated Games, the Olympic Games cancelled because of the World Wars, and the 1956 Equestrian Games. Again, much of this information is rare and contain very rare photos and video - every Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony from 1972 to the present, with the exception of 1984, can be seen in their entirety and every Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony from 1988 to the present can be seen in their entirety!


  1. Fascinating! Truly fascinating! Great job! What you've created here is something I've been looking for the past 12 years since the Sydney 200 Games. Love This. Have one question though Do you know what's the music the IOC have used in the "Celebrate Humanity - Courage" Video? I'll post the link to that video here. I heard it first at the Sydney 2000 games and still trying to find a clean version of the soundtrack. It'd be great if you happen to know that. Great job again and love the blog. Looking forward to see the London 2012 games Ceremony videos too in this.

  2. Sorry, forgot to post the link to that video I mentioned in the previous comment. So here it is. This is the music I'm trying to find.

  3. I'm really waiting for the winter videos :D

  4. Why do you claim EVERY Olympic Ceremony? I took a random look at Antwerp 1920, and all you have is a rundown of the Opening Ceremony program and STILL fotos. That does NOT constitute a re-presentation of the actual Opening Ceremony. Your title is very factually INCORRECT and intentionally misleading. You should correct it.

  5. Just a suggestion, please include the parade of nations in a seperate video. I have been searching videos about complete Opening Ceremony for a long time and I found yours, but it didn't include the parade (which I wanted the most).

  6. Bryan,
    I have been fascinated with the opening ceremonies ever since I saw my first one from Sarajevo in 1984. Your "database" is an incredible source and you should be commended for your work so far. Shame I can't buy you a coffee and hear about all the stories you have from Sochi.

  7. Hi. My Dad flew a hot air balloon in the 1980 winter olympics in Lake Placid. I'm trying to find footage. Any ideas?