Thursday, March 5, 2015

Record Release - Rachmaninoff All-night Vigil, 100th Anniversary Recording!

Hello to my nearly 700,000 readers!  Please take a look at my new recording with the Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Chorale - both multi-Grammy-winning ensembles.  We got to together with 3 multi-Grammy-winning producers at Chandos Records and are releasing this album:  Rachmaninoff All-night Vespers on the exact 100th Anniversary of its premiere.

As of this morning, we are 7th in the iTunes charts, and this is only the SECOND classical album ever offered on iTunes First Play!  Get your copy today on iTunes or Amazon.  The album release date is March 10.  I'll give you updates along the way.  And be sure to join me in a live chat as Minnesota Public Radio hosts a world-wide listening event on the evening of March 10 at

Oh, and take a look at who is on the back cover!!!